Dawn Wong work with design, originally came from a subtropical concrete jungle, where she received her design degree at The HK Polytechnic University. Now she is based in the windier west coast of Sweden, after she finished MFA in design with a specialisation in Child Culture in HDK, University of Gothenburg 2014.


She quite often blends into different context and fields. She has been working with service design and co-design on dialog projects for urban development, school yards and gardens projects, and maker projects together with children and adults. Critical design on questioning norms of play culture in urban space, such as project soft urban hack, which is selected by Omforma and on tour of exhibition Makt/Egenmakt. 


In the adventure, she has been feeling like a child picking up sticks one after another, within the web of meanings and collective system. Through the door of child culture and public space, she explores further into the notion of power relations. With the key of design and play, she is trying to unlock different parallel, co-existing realities, and to make sense of the in between space.


Moving between product, game, or service design, pedagogical design, as well as critical design, she is the transforming type under the flow of a changing world. She doesn’t particularly restrain her practice within the so called problem solving realm, (it’s a basic skill of any human being anyway) since every solutions would probably bring 10 or 20 more problems to our everyday life. Rather, she is often attracted to enquire meaning, explore how different groups and/or institutions frame themselves. And try to demonstrate and realise capacities of multi-realities with the skill of system thinking and making things/artefacts. 

If you are interested to know more about my background and works, you are very welcome to check the followings: