REBUS - i den gröna

Participation project which children contribute to and design their own preschool outdoor space



With help and inspiration from architect or designer, preschool children in the project "Rebus i det gröna” are able to take part and contribute to design their own school gardens, and find creative solution to make a better outdoor environment. 


The project is cooperated with preschools, the culture and local departments in City of Gothenburg. Every Rebus projects have to follow a standard model, where children ideas and perspective should be the focus. Through interactive methods, children are involved from inventering and problematise their own school garden, as well as to make suggestion by drawing and making models or even building prototypes. The local department would then realise and implement the idea.


I have been working with three preschools in Rebus, Förskolan Stella, Förskolan Kummingatan, and Kavåsskolan between 2016 and 2017.

Project web site from the municipality in Swedish click here.

Förskolan Stella