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Architectural scenarios for a production house for dance


In 2018, Studio Vadd received a commission for creating possible scenarios for the planning of a production house for dance, which should sustain the development of the dance culture and industries in Västra Götaland Region. The full report (in Swedish) can be found in this link.




The investigation was conducted by individual interviews and group workshops with different key representatives from the institutions and professional groups.


The foreground of a sustainable culture institution for dance is that to recognise the ecosystem of the industry, where in this project, production, internal platform, public, and education. During the dialogue process, we identified the values that different actors shared, and how different actors as an essential part of the entire dance industry ecosystem, although they may not share the agenda and conditions. The scenarios were taken shape after mapping out the basic necessary rooms and areas for operations of the production house, and the possibilities on co-usage and share resources between different actors.