Urban planning




Child culture


Service design


Dialogue project in
Hammakullen, Gothenburg 

A dialogue for child impact assessment and urban development

Studio Vadd gathered and processed qualitative data from three sections of workshop with three different classes. The raw data were afterward documented in the big data map system of the municipality of Gothenburg, and also analysed by the city planning department for both structural and detail planning.

The first workshop were took place in the classroom, which we discussed and co-create a map of the neighbourhood on showing the common passages and meeting point the participants use in different time and seasons. On the second workshop, the school classes showed us different important routes they used in different groups, with helped of emoji tools, we talked about how they have been experiencing the place. All school classes were invited to the city planning office in the last section, a map processed by Studio Vadd were presented, we have a feedback dialogue on discussing if the interpretation make sense. 

The data were processed for mapping out the mobility pattern of the local children, qualities of the main route the children use in everyday life, and even some suggestions on the issues such as sense of safety, traffic, and power relation between the public, that need to take action. The children's own narrative of the neighbourhood provided a wider picture on how do the areas work. 


A research project on increasing the level of children's participation in urban planning from the University of Gothenburg, was also researching the methods applied and reflection in the projects. The research project can be found on this link.