Dialogue for the new Backaplans culture center, 2018

Creative dialogue together with pensioners and school children



Child & senior culture


Culture institution



Pedagogical design

Service design

What does a culture house mean to you? What kind of qualities should a culture house carry for citizens and visitors?

The city of Gothenburg has planned to have a new culture center in Backaplan, where enormous urban development is in progress. The municipalities has long conducting citizen dialog for the project of culture center. In 2018, Studio Vadd implemented a dialogue for gathering more data and important qualities from the children and seniors perspective.

The dialogue were structured in two sections, under the theme "exist /entrance", in the first workshop, we walk through the neighbourhood where the new culture house will be located, we investigate and discuss the changes of the place in pass, present, and future, and about different urban space qualities such as publicity and accessibility with examples in the physical world. In the sense, we now understand better how the children and senior define green areas, public areas and such.

In the second section, provided a pre-built frame and different wooden basic geometric forms from a module system, the participants were asked to create a "life size" armature which represent the outdoor environment, entrance, indoor environment, exists of the culture center in the future.

The armature did not only speak on behalf the participants ideas on what kind of physical things the culture house should have, but more importantly it was used as an agent to talk about the sense of such a public space, for example, welcomeness, sense of safety, combination of calm spaces and exciting spaces which could suite different activities for everyone.

The research and data from the dialogue process will be used as part of the references material for the development of the new cultural center. The commission was from the municipality, a cooperation between 

Åldersvänliga Göteborg and Kulturförvaltningen Gestaltad stad.

The project was also being researched by a PhD student Jon Geib for his doctoral dissertation "Critical indirectness as a design approach in participatory practice".