Gör plats! och Reprodukt! 

We create playful place and funny things with rope.

Cooperating with a craft culture group SkapliganGör plats! and Reprodukt! are two design and craft pedagogical lessons under Kulturkatalogen Väst, Kultur i Väst.


By using recycled materials such as old t-shirts, bicycle inner tube, plastic bags, and old video tape etc. we create ropes together with our own rope making machine or by hand. Depending on the class/griup , we discuss and co-create playful forms, sculpture or space with the rope we made.


Through the creating and play process we talk about design language, from scale, function, texture and feelings, as well as substiable issues, and have fun!


So far, we have been making ropes and funny things with children in Bersjön introduction school, Bersjön library, Lödöese museum, Angered kulturhuset, and in different festivals.