Islands of possibilities



Urban dynamic

Sensory mapping potential qualities of Philopappou’s Hill in Athen





Urban design

System mapping

Philopappou hill is an open and popular public space in the heart of Athens, surrounded by continues settlements, the hill is a key green space which somehow looks like an Island from a typographic perspective. In this project, the work is to explore the ways in which design can augment, annotate and transform our experience of public life in the city.

The field research were conducted through an investigation of our own subjective, embodied and sense-based experiences of the site. Each participants first mapped out how we interpret the space and also talked with the local after an algorithmic walks. Which means we categorised our data into what it is already, and what it can be based on imagination from our individual mental model, namely properties and capacities.


As the site, Philopappou hill has already long been use as a meeting place, historically as democratic assembly, archaeologically, culturally and socially for the locals and visitors. The approach of single end problem solving would not able to illuminate the dynamic interaction within the urban context, therefore we rather analysis a network of properties and capacities, based on the data perceived by each of us, all together generate a wider combination of pontential of the site, with a set of urban interventions and masterplan of the possibilities. 

​The project is made under the urban design workshop, Transforming the republic 2017 in Athen, together under Unit 5 Urban ecosystems. Participants included Ana, Basem, Dawn, Dorothea, Faiza|, Niki, Radwa, and Stella. Host tutor was Athina Stamatopoulou, with support from Yota Passia and Panayotis Roupas.