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Cultural exchange and investigation in the theme of "home" and "non-home" between two different neighbourhood in West Gothenburg

One may say the west of Gothenburg is one of the most segregated area of the city, but when we consider the diversities of landscape, architecture, and identity, there are possibilities to frame it as a chance to have a culture exchange.   

Together with forth grade students from the southern archipelagoes and Tynnered, under the theme of "home", we dive into questions of how far is my home area, when do the boundaries of home end, when do the "away area" begin. The students created maps of their home, did documentation such as pictures and video, so as to plan a guided walk for the other class. The aim of the activities is try to bridge the home and away, through the actual meeting, widen the horizon of home, beyond the boundaries.


Each class has a chance to show and visit, through the meetings, we explore and discuss both similarities and differences between two areas. In such ways, we realise even though the built environment seems to be quite different in terms of landscape and settlements, the basic things we enjoy are quite similar, like the football fields are important, no matter if its located on an island or inland. We even share similar concern on the urban development, wanting more opportunities to meet and have different activities in daily life.

Both classes meet together once again in the last section in a mini exhibition. The project was a Skapande skolan project.

The places suggested by the students are mapped on an interactive map (in Swedish) link here.