The Mushroom

Willow play sturcture in Botanical garden Gothenburg

The willow play structure is an result from Mushroom, a simple nature element in child culture and fairy tale, contains symbols that could be easily recognized by people.


Space analysis with children 

The project consited of 3 workshops with school children aged from 6-8.


It was intended to create a space by using a canopy shaped station,

to encourage longer staying time and process different kinds of play activities. While the small mushroom was aimed at linking the schoolyard and playground in a subtle way, with the flow and trace created by different placement of small objects, so as to facliting discovery play and simulating children curiosity.


Active and silent play

the artifacts could give a door to children own imaginative world, and improvising their own usage and stories during the playing time.


The project was created among with Vici Hofbauer and Fröydi Julianne in the course 'Rum for utelek'.