Play / Pause

Indoor play fruniture

Rest or play;

bounce or lay.


May we take a trip up to the clouds,

play suspend amongst the calm.

Else we together sit down, pause, for a little while,

energy equilibrated for another round.


Shall the rules as elastic as motion rebound,

so we flow within the collision, merge your mind.


Cross between the action and relaxation.

No matter how,

play or pause,

just let it happen,

the living room order, you would improvise.

Started with questioning about the gerenal idealization of catalogizing play as childishness and looking upon play opportunity within the adult domain of the living room space, I design an artifact that could be used for both sitting and bouncing, children and adult without any fixed boundries.


The inner sturcture consisted of strong elastic band instead of traditional metal spring, which could provide boucing function but safe and comfort solution.