flexiable system concept for outdoor play envirnonment



A concept suggestion for Vandalorum

What can these be built?


Towers for games

Cars, tables and chairs

The project was a cooperation with Vandalorum 'centry of the child' exhibition. It involved to assist Helen & Hard to collect materials data from factories in Varnamo and to suggest solution for the outdoor play environment.


The process involved 3 workshops with target users, one in Vandalorum, and two in Gothenburg. It was intented to find out materials preferences, identities, and playabilities of the concept. 


The result is a set of flexiable play system, which enable different kinds of construction and co-creative play. The aim for the project is to procide free-play opportunities. The usage of local production waster materials (plastic spool) is to make the local industry and indentity visible to the visitors and locals, as well s re-look the after life of the wasted from production products.


Ranges of materials from the local productions

Plastic spools (Polypropylene)

Rubber and EPDM production wasted from cutout

Combination from the system

The structure support verctival and horizontal construction

Different sizes of the pieces suggest co-creative play

Structure & Prototype