To define imagiantion in another dimension of space, Hidden life is an electronic interactive installation, which a projected shadow world was set somewhere in between of light and shadow.

The paraell shadow world was build upon our fascination of imaginary secret world, that coexisit but is hidden in the ordinary life, we believe “everything is alive”, yet to be discover.


Shadow man and it's stuff in the shadow world

The shadow man was translated from the actual shadow of children size hand, which user can create the same charactor when light is avaible. The creator also like to collect stuffs from the ordinary world, but how thing mean in the shadow world could be different then you thought!



The electronic function is run by Arduino. The play is triggered when there is people walking pass by the wall, which the shadow man and the world will be shown; combining the randomless programming, it provides unexpected puppet show interactive play possiblities. It can be an improvised story telling, The play is also encourage discovering within the imaginative surroundings.


The Wall

The shadow world envirnoment set up can be changed to fit the installation place, by simply changing the graphic of the objects. 



Hidden Life

from curosity to the imaginative world