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Participatory practice being researched by a doctoral thesis: 
Critical indirectness as a design approach in participatory practice by Jon Geib

In Jonathan Geib recently published research on Spatialities of multivocal estrangement in three engagements with public cultural institutions around participatory projects in Gothenburg, one of the project of Studio Vadd "Museum lesson Nytt kulturhus på Backaplan" was being researched, how as a designer through creative workshop approaching critical aim(s) in participatory process on different overlapping, according to Jon's multivocal levels. Jon's research (in English) can be found on this link. The research of Studio Vadd's project and Jon's analysis can be found p.191-202.

Project presentation on a book: 

As the project of Makt/Egenmakt, Omforma published an anthropological presentation on the changing design branch in Sweden in the book. Project soft hack in urban space and my design approach is presented on p.52 - p.55.

Presentation in the seminar 
MAKT/EGENMAKT in Form/design center Malmö, 2018

Dawn Wong was presenting her critical perspective on children participation in city planning and development, she argued that purely approaching the issues by a "check-list" mind set can not achieve a higher level of child perspective and/or children's perspective integration on the built environment formation. The presentation was in Swedish and started at 6.50 in the video.