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Ding & Bawl 

Ding & Bawl is outdoor artefacts for sound and active play. The interaction between the environment, the artefacts, and the user are poetic, unexpected and changing time by time.


Sounds is one of the sensory element for human being, which we usually overlook, especially within outdoor child culture. By no means sound simulate children curiosity and imagination, and children enjoy to experiment sounds by hitting objects or making strange voices.


Both Ding & Bawl are ellipse shaped form in metal, with different sizes and holes detail on the surface, which variate different sounds and tones. The sound from Ding & Bawl can subtly activate spaces by nature factor - rainfall, and human factor - hand strike. By allocated or arrange the Ding & Bawl in different combination, moods or sound style could be alternated. 


The sound can be generated by rainfall and striking, while the metal form of the artefacts provide contact surface for sound vibration, as well as space within the form that could resonate and amplify the sound.

Dribble ding consist a hole in the middle of the form, when rain water dripped inside the ding, it will create an interesting echo sound effect.


Tinkle Bawl enhanced the random rhythm with its narrow line cut on the surface, which can create harmonic multi tones by both rainfall and hand strike from one single piece.