Unpresiced, but

This project was attempted to design a musical educational expereince for child that could not be acheived by computers.


Computers are strictly precise and the reaction has been thought of before by others. Topple track is poetic, surprising, dynamic, imprecise, open ended and different everytime.

Xylophone key
Domino Chain
= music timeline

Integrating xylophone keys with falling domino chains to construct and perform music timelines, Topple Track considered interaction and user involvement.


The concept create social expereinces of creating music together, and learning cause and effect directly from the real time feedback and error.

Topple Track

Human-oriented music intenaction which computer cannot simulate 

Music play system

Each of the domino character consist of a hand-sized block with a slot, into which a musical key can be insterted.


Each charater is filted with an "eye mallet" on top, which acts as a hammer to strike the key on the subsequent character as it falls, playing a music note.


The double eye charater enable mulitplie timeline playback construction, which means playing of chords.

Domino character materials

Considering the important factors for the playback, such as music keys length, sound vibration, and chain reaction speed, after an intensive materials exploration and test with wood, matel, plastic, and foam. 


With its low density and light wright, the polypropylene foam used for the domino characters supports a nice and clear sound. It also suppresses noise when the characters fall and hit the ground. the eva on two dies of the sponge signifcantly strengthens the stucture.